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Investor and Homeowner Classes

Landlord-Rent for Maximal Profit
Whether you are a first time or seasoned landlord you should know how to rent ‘right’. The focus
of the class will be on obtaining quality tenants that pay on time and take care of your home,
standard contracts, the credit and verification process, and more.

Real Estate Basics for the Beginning Investor
Buy Low-Sell High. 70% of the richest people in the world made their money in real estate. So
where do you begin? This class will allow you to understand why this is the “best market” to
invest in real estate, how to get “deals on foreclosures,” and the advantages of being a landlord
in today’s market.

Selling a Home in Today’s Market

Learn how to get the most for your house and sell quickly in this hard buyers market. Don’t let
the market beat you up. Learn how you can still come ahead selling your house.

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Class Schedule

Date                 School             CLASS                    Price Resident/ Non Resident           Book fee               Time

9/18/2017        Birmingham       Buying & Selling       $35/$40                                                 $0                        6:30-8:30
9/25/2017        Dearborn           Buying & Selling        $35                                                        $0                        6;30-8:00
9/28/2017        Birmingham       Beginning Investor    $47/$52                                                 $45                      6:30-8:30 

10/02/2017      Troy                   Buying & Selling        $35                                                        $0                        6:30-8:00

10/9/2017        Birmingham       Landlord Rent           $47/$52                                                  $45                      6:30-8:30

10/16/2017      Dearborn           Beginning Investor    $47                                                         $45                      6:30-8:30

10/19/2017      Troy                   Beginning Investor    $47                                                         $45                      6:30-8:30

11/20/2017      Dearborn           Landlord Rent           $47                                                         $45                      6:30-8:30

11/27/2017      Troy                   Landlord Rent           $47                                                         $45                      6:30-8:30   
Class Registration Contact Information:

For current classes, contact schools directly for registration. 

Birmingham Seaholm                                        Dearborn                                       Niles Center ( Troy)       
2436 Lincoln St.                                                  19501 Outer Dr.                             201 W Square Blvd.
Birmingham, Mi. 48009                                       Dearborn, Mi. 48124                     Troy, Mi. 48098
(248) 203-3800                                                     (313) 827-1959                               (248) 823-5100
www.communityed.net                                       www.dearbornceonline.org         www.troyceonline.org